Resin Solid Surfaces

Solid surface sheets are man-made and manufactured using minerals, resins and pigments. These sheets have the same material and pattern all-through making them consistent and homogenous. They offer a seamless appearance of a continuous countertop and can be molded or thermoformed into curved shapes, unlike the other surfaces. Solid surface is nonporous and maintenance free, however, like quartz it’s not heat and UV proof. Therefore, avoid placing a hot pot directly on the countertop and do not install it in exterior applications. These countertops are susceptible to scratches and other impact damage but are relatively easier than other slab types to buff and fix. If you’re looking for a durable material with a wide array of colours, patterns and style then solid surface is an excellent choice but It should be noted that they aren’t the most accurate imitation of natural stone. Some of the available brands are Corian, Wilsonart, Avonite, Formica, HI Macs, Meganite, Staron, Livingstone and more.