Marble Surfaces

Many homeowners select marble as their choice for countertops and surfaces in their homes. There is no question that marble is luxurious but is higher maintenance than other natural stones. Marble is more susceptible to staining etching and scratching. It also contains natural fissures and cracks that can be felt when touching the surface. For example, red wine or lime spills should be cleaned immediately otherwise they can stain or etch. Also, avoid cutting directly on the surface and instead use a wooden cutting board. Marble is gorgeous, rich and comes in many types, colors and patterns. To help keep marble countertops in good shape avoid putting hot pots and pans directly on the surface and instead place them on top of a kitchen towel or trivet. Also, sealing the marble every yearly will help resist spill stains. There are numerous slabs available in the market such as Blanco Carrara, Calacatta Extra, Statuario Extra, Bianco Lasa, Thassos White, Arabescato Breccia, Nero Marquina, Saint Laurent Marble, Pietra Grey, Emperador, Botticino and more.